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Frequency Specific Microcurrent Podcast

Jan 31, 2024

Carolyn McMakin, MA, DC
Kim Pittis, LCSP, (PHYS), MT

In this episode, Dr. Carolyn McMakin and FSM Sports Director, Kim Pittis discuss their experiences with Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) and the unique ways in which it can be applied to a wide spectrum of cases from complex CRPS to a simple tight glute. They delve into fascinating case studies, highlighting the importance of a comprehensive approach and addressing the root cause of symptoms. Additionally, they address a variety of listener questions such as usage of magnetic converter pucks, sensitivities to frequencies, and the utility of FSM in treating nerve pain. The episode stresses the interconnectedness of the body systems and the need for treating the whole patient for optimum results. Tune in to gain valuable insights on FSM and its applications in diverse clinical contexts.


00:00 Introduction and Technical Adjustments

00:21 The Unpredictability of Podcasting

00:57 The Complexity of Cases and Interesting Questions

02:14 The Importance of Breaking Down Complex Cases

03:03 The Case of the 19-Year-Old CRPS Patient

05:04 The Role of Hypermobility in Health Issues

07:08 The Importance of Treating the Whole Patient

10:08 The Power of Frequency Specific Microcurrent

13:21 The Importance of Breaking Down Complex Cases

16:57 The Case of the Athlete with Glute Pain

23:48 The Importance of Feeling Safe in Treatment

30:46 Exploring the Connection Between Scarring and Ledura

31:18 The Power of Looking for the Unseen in Treatment

31:37 Transitioning to Q&A Session

31:53 Discussing Sensitivity to Frequencies

32:21 Exploring the Impact of EMF Sensitivity

34:20 Understanding the Role of the Vagus in EMF Sensitivity

35:41 Addressing Questions about Hair Loss and Frequency

36:47 Diving into the Differences Between 94 and 294 Frequencies

39:32 Discussing the Importance of Treating the Brain in Physical Injuries

45:15 Addressing Questions from the Audience

52:48 Exploring the Use of Magnetic Converter Pucks

54:35 Wrapping Up and Looking Forward to Future Events