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Frequency Specific Microcurrent Podcast

Oct 4, 2023

Hosts: Carolyn McMakin, MA, DC Kim Pittis, LCSP, (PHYS), MT 00:01:28 FSM and chronic illness 00:09:04 Different approach same outcome 00:10:38 Kidney transplant, peripheral neuropathy, viral infection 00:18:27 Perpetuating factor 00:22:20 CustomCare units set to expire, time to check in 00:24:04 Creating new protocols in the CustomCare software 00:27:59 Tinnitus 00:33:40 Reflux, IBS 00:42:11 Grief and fear 00:47:48 Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease 00:50:25 MCL strain, open chain 00:56:50 Shoulder pain, torn and broken, afraid to move